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I love finding new foods whether it be an interesting vegetable at the...

I love finding new foods whether it be an interesting vegetable at the farmer's market or a wholesome product on store shelves. Something I've been obsessing over for the past month or so is fruit and vegetable puree pouches. Yes, I am talking about baby food, but, trust me, adults love this stuff too. In fact, the girl at the checkout counter told me so. She's a fan herself and said that many other customers are too. So, I'm not the only adult out there gobbling this stuff up.

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Why do I love this product so much? Let me count the ways

I can honestly say I've liked every flavor I've tried. Now, the vegetable ones aren't quite as delectable as the fruits, but what did you expect?

With flavors like peaches + bananas and sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, + blueberries you can get a variety of nutrient packed fruits and vegetables.

Everything in the puree pouches is organic and the only preservative is a little lemon juice. Processed foods don't get any more wholesome than that.

With a resealable twisty cap, you don't have to worry about finishing the whole thing at once or discovering a leak later on.

Now, you know I'm always a proponent of making your food from scratch, but I think these can be a great option when you're on the go. Also, if you're ever in a situation (family get together, vacation, etc.) where the food offerings aren't reflective of what you usually eat, these could be a great way to supplement your diet.

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