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When we tried on our very first pair of Lululemon pants. Our buns got an instant lift and our thighs slimmed down by a couple of inches. Buns of Steels and Thighmaster would be non-existent if Lululemon was around in the 80s.

Recently, Lululemon pulled their best-selling Luon pants off the shelves because the new stock was way too sheer for some consumers. On their website, Lululmon explains the high quality of their pants remain but the sheer coverage fall short of their very high standards.

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Lulu devouts will have to wait awhile until the new stock of Luon are back in the store. But this shouldn't be a problem since yoga enthusiasts practice the virtue of patience.

But we all know there are women who wear Lululemon but have never stepped foot inside a yoga studio or a gym.

The comfortable clothing is great for running quick errands like shopping for groceries or walking the dog. Heck, it's even borderline acceptable for brunch especially if you're trying to look like you just came back from a jog so it's justifiable to eat that stuffed french toast with bacon and eggs.

Not that I am speaking from personal experience

But let's be honest here. Thanks to the mirage of a flattering body, women are wearing them at inappropriate places including the bars, clubs, school, work and special events.

The pants we're the subject of a controversial dress code at a high school in Ottawa. The school had a rule of restricting students of wearing any form-fitting clothing (aka Lululemon) and imposed a three-strike rule for those caught wearing the tight pants: detention for the first offence, suspension the second and expelled the third time.

Severe or not it does highlight how the athletic wear is not always being used as intended for athletic wear.

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