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Best CrossFit Shirts Top 5 model !

The bag that you carry on the way to your crossfit workout isn't complete if it doesn't contain a good crossfit shirt. A crossfit shirt allows you to do many things, better. The first one is obviously the way that they handle sweat. With a normal t-shirt, you will feel like heading right back to the dressing room to change once the first few drops of sweat come out, but a crossfit shirt will minimize the discomfort and allow to continue without being bothered. Then, they can also get in the way of your movement, which is even more true once the fabric is damp. Crossfit is all about moving freely and you should have a shirt that allows you to do that at all times. Crossfit shirts are generally well aired and don't feel like they're stuck to your skin, even if you go for a snug fit. Also, when you make reps during your workout, that last rep is usually the toughest to make (and the most rewarding), so you definitely want to be dressed in a way that will allow you to pull it off.

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And finally, there's the look aspect. An average shirt will make you look well average-looking, but a crossfit t-shirt will make you look ready and confident. Especially, when working out with a group of people and looking to socialize, it's important to look appropriate to benefit from the social aspect of sports we all enjoy. Are CrossFit shirts expensive? Not necessarily. In this top 5, we will have models from various price ranges. Let's begin!

Reebok Compression Long Sleeve Top

This compression long sleeve top represents one of Reebok's best offerings in terms of shirts for Crossfit adepts. First off, the look of this shirt looks clean and professional. It makes you look elegant and dedicated all at the same time. We wouldn't call the look intimidating or exaggerated it looks pretty casual in a way and is absolutely well done. Plus, it can look good on people of all ages. When it comes to fit and materials, this shirt breathes properly and it feels very comfortable. For those who have disregarded long-sleeves training shirts in the past, this might just be the best pick for you. The price is $40 by default, but if you can find it at a discount, it could cost the exact same thing as a regular shirt.

Reebok Crossfit Cupron Short Sleeve

If you're looking for a simpler shirt, Reebok also offers a short sleeve alternative. It's like having a standard t-shirt but with all the advantages you need for your Crossfit workout. The way the shirt was seamed makes it so that you never feel squeezed or stuck in any way when you do arms or shoulder workouts. The material in this one is 100% polyester, so it takes care of sweat properly. And then, the two main qualities that make this shirt worth buying is that it costs around $35.00 and just how durable it is. If you find that all the shirts you use for Crossfit always don't last very long, try this shirt and it will most likely take a longer time before you head to the store again. And at $35.00, it isn't really much more expensive than a standard shirt. It comes in a few different designs like Black, Blue and Car Green, and they will make you look good at while staying discrete at the gym.

RokFit Shirts (Varied Styles)

RokFit is a well-known company in the CrossFit circle and they do have a couple very interesting offerings when it comes to shirts. Besides their shirts with funny mottos and their very nice-looking hoodies to train in colder environments, we thought that their standard shirts we're worth a go. We weren't disappointed when we put them to the test. Whatever your selection of style, the RokFit Crossfit shirts sell at $26 by default and are probably the cheapest option when it comes to Crossfit shirts. They're mostly made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and last a good while for the price. The RokFit shirts are soft, comfortable and awesomely priced. We like the emblematic grey and red model with an american flag on the sleeve shown here and the popular orange style shown here.

Under Armour Mens HeatGear Sonic Compression Short Sleeve

This shirt might look like it's going to be too tight, but it actually feels great. All your movements can be done freely and you can breathe just as good. It costs a little more depending on where you get it, but you will see the difference right from your first workout. In terms of looks, the Under Armour HeatGear is pretty much as simple as it gets, but it still looks great on the body especially if you're looking to show off what you've already accomplished. But still, you won't look like you're trying too hard. The shirt handles sweat like a champion and keeps you mobile and flexible. It has Anti-Odor technology as well.

UN92 Cross Training Winged Blade Dry Wicking Tee

And lastly there's this nice shirt from UN92, a great pick if you want to stay dry and do so in style. For a $29.95 price you get a t-shirt that's not only great for Crossfit, but great as a shirt period. The materials consisting of 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex obviously do all the work when it comes to sweat and you get a shirt that allows you to make all movements with great ease in every direction. Its built tough so that you can wear it again and again for your workouts. Chances are that you didn't expect to look this good while training with a Crossfit shirt!

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